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This portfolio is growing.... Please contact Tamara if you wish to see additional examples of recent work.

VAST client, Amizade

The Rico Community Church
:: VAST redeveloped an existing website, integrating it with a content management system (WebsiteBaker) for volunteers to easily update, maintain and grow site content. Site redesign included an updated template for modern browsers, navigation and SEO services. visit site

VAST client, Amizade

Ongoing site design, development and maintenance services were performed for this organization over the course of many years, as the organization evolved through various changes in leadership and staff.

VAST client, Pittsburgh Refugee Center

Pittsburgh Refugee Center
Entire site design and development created to meet client's specifications with a limited budget. :: VAST performs occasional maintenance on this site. visit site

VAST client, Recycle. Recreate. Revive.

Recycle. Recreate. Revive. (RRR Katrina)
was contracted by a group of high school students with grant funding to create this site. The content was supplied by the students. Site design, development and hosting by :: VAST. The site included database interactivity with PHP and MySQL. view

VAST client, Faith Tech

Faith Tech
Entire site design, development and prior maintenance. The main navigation was originally designed to be simple, reflecting the needs of this organization's constituents. The site was commonly used as a resource in the courses taught by this organization.

VAST client, TechSERVE

Entire site design, development, maintenance and graphic design. A brand image was created for the site, T-shirts and other items. TechSERVE was organized to help girls 8-13 years of age become excited about computer, math and science-based programs. It received funding from the Vira I. Heinz Endowment.


Web design, development, maintenance and graphic design. The original site highlighted the events and initiatives of this program while showcasing student reflections and creating a brand image.

VAST client, Transcedental Meditation Program for Women

The Transcendental Meditation Program for Women Professionals
Preliminary mock-ups created for this site based on the content and suggestions supplied by the client.

VAST client
Pinch Me Films
:: VAST converted mock-ups created by Sharpstick Studio into a website using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

VAST client
Expanding Your Horizons | Math Science Network
Development and consultation services were performed for this organization.

E-commerce & Small Business  :: Nonprofit Organizations ::  Education