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Custom WordPress Web-sites Portland Oregon

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This is not a pre-made website that uses a ready-built theme. You get your very own website along with a theme custom-made for you, according to your needs. Stand out from the rest with a customized web presence, while using the convenience of the WordPress administration panel to maintain site content. Custom designs can include an SEO Audit to maximize the long-term potential of your website to work hard for you.

Starting at $2000 for complete design and development


The following customizations typically start at $1000

WordPress website with a pre-existing theme

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Are your design needs very minimal or standardized at this time? You can save money by using an existing WordPress theme of your own choosing, or have us select one for you. We can put together your website and customize the theme to fit your needs.

Migrate an existing website to WordPress

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Do you already have a website that is working for you? VAST can integrate your own front end design with a WordPress backend, and migrate the existing site content and features to the new WordPress site. Keep your website, but use the popular convenience of the WordPress administration panel to maintain your site content.

Convert your design mockup to WordPress

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Are you a designer that needs to have your own custom Photoshop mockups made into websites? Designers really like to work with us. We not only have the backend skills and search engine sensibility to put it all together, we very easily understand and tap into the designer’s vision.