Search Engine Optimzation

Bring a highly targeted audience to your website the organic way

Effective SEO is a strategic plan to attain and maintain high rankings in the search engines over a long period of time. Ethical SEO strategyHigh rankings mean that you are able to grab people who are looking, specifically, for the services you provide and pull them onto your website. Being at the top of the search page for specific search queries saves many businesses hundreds of dollars every month on Google AdWords (pay-per-click advertising). Why pay the search engines to be listed if you can be at the top of the page organically?

White hat, ethical SEO

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VAST Digital Design emphasizes a “white hat” approach to SEO. We don’t try to trick the search engines. We help your website become exactly what it needs to be in order to be found and ranked highly by the search engines and, more importantly, people.

Results-driven SEO by an experienced professional

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Marketers are finally catching on to the importance of effective SEO. But, this isn’t a new trend in technology. VAST Digital Design has been successfully optimizing websites for the search engines for over 10 years, with proven results.

In all this time,  the basic principles of SEO have not changed. Content matters. Clean code and good design matter.  The site’s credibility on the subject matters. Resources matter. Referrals and recommendations elsewhere on the web matter.   Our experience matters.   If you want to be regarded by the search engines as the best resource on the web for your topic, BE the best resource on the web.  We can help.

Regular, monthly web maintenance for your ongoing SEO strategy

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Effective SEO involves an ongoing commitment to publishing quality content on your website. We can point you in the right direction, but you should expect to remain involved with your website on a regular basis. If web maintenance is not your thing, or you don’t have the time for it, we can help. You may want to consider a monthly web maintenance plan to help you realize your goals.